Life Mission Statement: To positively impact individuals and community by cultivating personal values and passion, motivating progressive change, and realizing community potential.


Ho Chie Tsai, MD is currently a Board-certified urgent care pediatrician and hospitalist working around the San Francisco Bay area. He is on staff as an Attending Physician at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center of Oakland, which primarily serves an ethnically diverse yet under-privileged patient population. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and a Master’s Degree in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

During the 1990′s, Ho Chie was actively involved with various pan-Asian organizations at UIUC and throughout Chicago, including serving as Co-president (92-93) and Internal Vice-president (91-92) of the Asian American Association, co-founding the Taiwanese American Students Club (90-91), creating the Asian Pacific American Coalition (91-92), and helping to organize the Asian American Alumni Association of UIUC (94-95). Later, he served as a chapter president of the Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (98-99).

In the Taiwanese American community, Ho Chie is known for his extensive commitment and work among the 2nd generation. In 1991, he was one of the original 15 founding “seeds” who met at Taiwanese American Conference / East Coast (TAC/EC) and returned to their home campuses to help create an intercollegiate students network, which later grew into the well-known Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA). In his post-graduate years, he was a long-time program director for the grade school programs at the Taiwanese American Foundation Summer Conference and many other youth summer camps around the country.

Today, he remains proactively involved in various Asian Pacific American community grassroots and leadership development organizations, especially within the Taiwanese American community. Since 1996, he has also served as a Taiwanese American Foundation Board Member, and currently, he is a core organizer of the North American Taiwanese Medical Association 2G, an allied healthcare professionals organization, and the founder and now advisor for the Taiwanese American Professionals in San Francisco.

In recent years, he is most recognized as the creator and a board member of, a national web portal site dedicated to connecting and highlighting the new generation of Taiwanese Americans. He is the common denominator for many social media movements for the 2nd generation Taiwanese American community such as the “Write in Taiwanese” 2010 Census Public Service Announcement video campaign, the “100 Passionate People” of Taiwanese America Project, the “Taiwanese Pride” T-shirt series, and “Taiwanese American Artists for Typhoon Morakot” Campaign, which inspired the viral musical video by singers Emily and Susan.

Ho Chie continues to enjoy speaking on the workshop circuit at various Taiwanese and Asian Pacific American conferences across the nation and being surrounded by youthful people with a vision for the future. He is always searching for creative ways to fulfill his life mission and hopes you might be inspired to pursue your passions in life as well.


Ho Chie Tsai is the creator of, a website dedicated to connecting and highlighting the new generation of Taiwanese Americans. He has spent most of his life working to build organizations and networks that serve the Asian and Taiwanese American communities. A popular speaker among youth audiences, his personal mission is to inspire young people to discover their values and passions so that they can make a positive impact in this world. He is currently a board member of the Taiwanese American Foundation, an organizer of the North American Taiwanese Medical Association 2G, and founder of Taiwanese American Professionals in San Francisco. Professionally, Ho Chie is a board-certified pediatrician on staff at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center of Oakland, which serves an ethnically diverse and mostly under-privileged patient population.


Ho Chie Tsai 是一位在舊金山灣區執業多年的小兒科醫師,看起來卻比大學生還年輕,這也許肇因於他的生活總是繞著小朋友打轉吧。Ho Chie 對於未成年的孩子總有一份濃濃的關愛和殷殷的期許,在醫院裡,他照護弱勢幼兒,期盼他們健康長大、實現自我;工作之餘,他的熱情則放在協助台美兒童和青少 年認同台灣根源、活出個人潛能、團結台美社群。

Ho Chie 的社團服務經驗可以溯及90年代的初期,他在伊利諾香檳校區曾擔任「亞太學生協會」的會長(92-93),共同創辦「台美學生社」 (90-91),並且成立「泛亞太美國聯合會」 (91-92),也負責組織「伊利諾香檳亞太校友會」 (94-95)。特別值得一書的是他與美東夏令營的淵源,1991年 Cornell 美東夏令營甫告一段落,Ho Chie 旋即回到伊利諾州以卓越的領導組織能力在同年創建跨越校際的「美國台裔學生協會」 (ITASA),從此,他把課餘精力都放在台美社團舉辦的夏令營,只要是台美第二代的活動,幾乎都可以看到他統籌、設計、執行的身影。一直到今天,身為一 位忙碌的醫師,他還是到處奔走,在幼少參加的營隊、大學舉辦的演講會場、以及青年專業人士聚會的場合,他引導成員分享彼此的成長歷程,教大家認同自己的 根,發展生命的熱情,追尋人生的意義,發揮個人對社群的影響,進而凝聚台美人的共識和力量。

Ho Chie 自1996 年以來就一直擔任「台美基金會」(TAF) 的理事,目前是「台美人第二代醫師協會」(NATMA 2G) 的執行委員,也是他所創立的「灣區台美專業人」(TAP in SF)的顧問。2006 年 Ho Chie 決定將夏令營的效果帶給每個無法參加的孩子,於是他成立了,藉由在網路上報導新生代台美人的成就,促進第二 代、第三代台美人對身為台裔的認同感和光榮感。在諸多第二代台美人發起的社會媒體運動中,TaiwaneseAmerican.org總是扮演著不可或 缺的角色,例如,其參與製作和宣傳的「2010 戶口調查──寫下台灣人」影片和 T-shirt,就是最近從美國延燒回台灣的熱門話題。


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